Bowtie Group Insurance Plan
Bowtie Life Insurance
Company Limited

As a start-up, Bowtie understands the challenges faced by many SMEs who have limited time and financial resources, while facing increased competition to retain talent and drive growth amid our overall economic uncertainty.

Bowtie is committed to a belief that insurance bears great social responsibility, and medical protection should be accessible by every corner of the community. We recently launched HK’s first and fully online group insurance which offers flexible and affordable medical protection.

Understanding the agility nature of SMEs and start-ups, this innovative product leverages a combination of the latest financial technology, a first-principles redesigned product pricing and feature list - tailored suited to the channel and SMEs, and new operational processes to drive new frontiers for access and convenience. The resulting customer experience has already helped Bowtie appeal to and expand to the market segment of local SMEs and non-profit organizations, many of which purchased their first employee health benefits solution, proof that new insurtech products can reach previously underserved segments.